Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ethereal Vs Ephemeral

Many might think there is no difference.

I've heard people in conversation wrongly exchange one for the other.

Ethereal means roughly, spiritual or lacking material substance.

It could be immaterial, dependimg on the definition.

Ephemeral signifies lasting only a short time.

Words and meaning have great significance.

It's important to use them wisely and well.

The Founders did so. Their words are irrefutable.

Of course, the collectivists and other enemies of Freedom have tried to either water down or twist the Founders' words.

They hope people won't notice. They as always, hope no one will think.

Fools. Liars. Traitors.

Carefully placed words cannot be reconstructed to mean orange is blue as the libs hope.

Simply study and pass along the passion to study and seek truth.

Words will fail our enemies.

There is an ethereal aspect to our Republic. I leave it to you to decide what that is. It permeates material substance.

But our Republic is NOT ephemeral.

Freedom will live forever.

Words will support and aid us.

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Anonymous said...

Best description of the two words I've ever read. Thank you.