Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Squirrel In The Toilet

We had a squirrel in our toilet when I was a kid.

My Sis was getting ready for bed. Suddenly, there was a bloodcurdling scream from the bathroom.

We ran in and she was pointing at the toidy.

Lo and behold, there was a mostly drowned squirrel, sloshing away.

Result, my Brother got it out and took it to the backyard where he dispatched it with an old 22 Mossberg rifle.


Well, except for teasing her about nearly being bitten in the butt.

Brings a smile for us all to this day lol.

And, this was well in the city limits of Indianapolis, but decades ago.

Where we are, we've gotten a couple of rats and coons. This, on the neareastside near the hooker/drug havens.

When help is needed immediately, animal control is only minutes away -s-.

Selfdetermination still exists and there are many more around the city so disposed.

We have BB guns and have plinked in the back yard, including shooing away pigeons from the dog's bowl.

I found out it's now illegal according to city ordinance. Oops. One of the antigun city-county council members mentioned it at a campaign meeting when my ex ran for the council. I remember Angela Mansfield, who has drafted ridiculous gun ordinances for Indy, drawing in her breath and saying, 'Oh, THAT'S not legal'.

I regarded her as some curiosity in a zoo or perhaps a sideshow.

Of course, the plinking we've done was with safety in mind. The same as firearms safety.

It was the same now as when I was a kid.

Archery is one of our interests. My Brother had a target set up at the garage entrance, away from the street with the empty garage as a backdrop. He'd spend quite a while perfecting his archery skills. That was again long ago.

Though we have trees and a perfect backdrop, it's now forbidden to practice in the city limits.

Perhaps they are afraid of a Robin Hood type insurrection, ahem.

Would we break an ordinance to live as we always had as responsible citizens?

I venture to say that such activity is now 'don't ask, don't tell'.

We get creatures including bats, mice, birds and squirrels in the house occasionally.

Do we wait for Animal Control aka the state to shoo them away?


All of these rules and regs are of course simply for control.

Accidents happen.

But they are few, and usually happen to idiots who don't think and follow safety rules.

Yet, they are an excuse to stop us from exercising the simple pleasures of BB's and bows.

It's the same premise as the gun laws which infect our Freedom.

They are to 'protect' us aka 'public safety'.


As in the past whether it's a squirrel in the toilet or a bunch of rats in the legislature, we are capable of taking care of ourselves.


Foamy said...

I have to say it.

Did it scare the sh*t out of her?

Kay said...

Ur cruel.

Mike H said...

Cruel to be kind dear -s-.

teacher said...

Don't forget roaches. The analogies are endless.

Mike H said...

We've rid the house of them too -s-.