Thursday, May 27, 2010


I used to be the deciding factor playing Trivial Pursuit in college.

The Campus Ministry used to have meetings and retreats where during rec time we voraciously played that game.

My sphere of expertise was not only entertainment (a harbinger of things to come), but a great deal of 'general knowledge'.

I was often relied upon to give a deciding cite or to settle a dispute.

A collector of minutiae am I.

Then again, one's trivia could be another's important items.

One never knows when some fact might be significant.

I feel like the intellectual equivalent of my Mom, who born in 1918, suffered in the Depression. She never threw anything out. Yes garbage got tossed but every scrap that she thought could be used over got put away, just in case. Foil, string, paper, etc was used as many times as she could use them.

We had money. But that lesson ingrained during those years of struggle kept hold of her. There may be a use for that which is commonly thrown on the scrap heap.

My 'databank' of info has been storing all kinds of information. And something I see or hear might trigger an outpouring of facts inspired by them. I don't go blank and spout stuff. Rather, if something happens and there is a good reason for sharing said trivia, then it comes forth.

I've taught the kids not only in home school past, but even now, with references that get them to thinking, investigating, digging.

There is rarely a dearth of conversation in our family.

One of us can pick up the ball and carry it to whatever conclusion is at hand.

Being so adroit has give the kids confidence and they are not often shy. Demure perhaps occasionally or quiet at the right times, but they are not afraid to engage in conversation with strangers when the time is right or ripe.

I believe we should learn everything we can, no matter the subject.

This falls to subjects that are bad as well as good. it does no good to just know the good things. We must be aware of the bad, so that we might fight it and replace it with light. Notice, I didn't say do as the bad guys do. I merely believe we need to know the enemy.

Certainly we must keep up with what's happening in and to the US. And we must certainly study our enemies.

For enemies we have, in spite of some people's good intentions to engage folks in 'dialog'. It usually ends in a no win and the original intention, even when it is for mutual benefit, gets shot down in flames.

We should hold our positions and beliefs, though I'm willing to hear what others say.

I may not accept them, but certainly that is what America should be all about.

With collectivists, we know they will not give in. Some may approach things in a Fabian method. They hammer for too much and the other side gives in a bit. There is usually a pause, the they go at it again, figuring to wear Freedom lovers down gradually.

Simply don't give in. The storm may brew and spew, but do not retreat. Don't even hold.


With facts.

Go at the enemies of Freedom with a ferocity not seen since the Founders.

You may even know some obscure facts aka trivia with which to save the day.

At least it won't be dull and desperate, two taboos in Hollyweird, but also for all of us in our daily lives.

Strive for more.

Don't settle for the less of monotony.

The remotest item might be the turning point in argument.

And war.


teacher said...

Might the remotest promote peace?

Mike H said...

Victory at least. And perhaps a promotion of vigilence.

Pat H. said...

The Progressive/Fascists have been at this for more than 100 years, you're quite right in describing how they've gotten as much of our freedom as they have, little by little, bite by bite.

I view that as over.

We freedom and liberty advocates are just beginning to roll back the Progressive/Fascist inroads, we will be victorious.

However, don't expect the Progressive/Fascists to give up without violence. That's who we'll have to defend ourselves against.