Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1

Happy May Day.

This day has so many meanings and reasons for being.

There is the commie celebration with goose stepping minions and missles and grim faced salutes to show the might of the 'people' (joke intended-it's the state -s-).

And of late there are the demonstrations by illegals demanding 'rights' to which they are not entitled. No coincidence that they picked May 1, many being leftist agitators.

Before that there is the celebration of spring among pagans. May poles were and still are danced around. And then couples would prance into the woods to celebrate the 'rites of spring' aka get it on.

May Day is also a verbal distress signal in voice precedure radio comms. It is from the French 'venez m'aider' which means 'come and help me'. It's always repeated three times, mayday-mayday-mayday to distinguish it.

We are going to need a lot of help. We are receiving it and still need more.

For our purposes, it's figurative and don't use it except in imminant danger such as downed aircraft or sinking ships, etc.

Then again the Republic's ship has been sinking for a long time.

Many are working to not just plug a leak, but to refinish/restore it.

I've found the seemingly unlikeliest person or thing might just apply in time of need.

Keep alert and be ready for any emergency.

Don't panic. Stay level headed. State the business at hand and go from there.

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teacher said...

Methinks a lot of ship's crew need to be replaced as well as a bunch of rotted wood needs to be removed and new installed.