Friday, May 28, 2010

The Duke

John Wayne would be 103 years old today.

The Duke (Said to be a nickname from a dog he had.) always was an icon to me in my childhood. My brother and I never missed any of his movies. We saw The Searchers several times at the Vogue theater in Broad Ripple (Where my bro was an usher. Used to get in for free -s-.). It had an extended run and we took advantage of that especially since there were no tapes and no DVDs and it took quite a while for swuch movies to run on tv.

I remember the crush I had on Natalie Wood as a result lol.

I won't add the obvious tributes. There are so many I don't need to do so.

Icon, hero, inspiration and all the rest certainly apply.

Even the inept Jimmy Carter gave him applause and praise when Duke received his
posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The collectivists hate him. They have tried to spread scurilous stories about him.

One guy asked how I could have a wife beater as a hero. He was referring to Wayne's second wife.

It was proven that it was actually SHE who was abusive and he fended off her attacks.

He also had his doubts and fears over friends family and work. Who doesn't?

Michael Wayne, his oldest son reminded people that his Dad was an actor playing cowboys etc.

True, but at the same time he was who he was. As a person what you saw was what you got.

I think he played roles that he mostly believed in, though he was indeed in the biz and gave the public what it wanted and it made him wealthy.

Not bad, I'd say.

One of the main efforts of an actor is to be truthful in a performance, whatever one plays.

He knew what fit him best.

He worked with some of the people I know and everyone talks about what a pro he was.

Even some of the liberal actors had great respect for him.

He said what he meant and meant what he said and his dedication to the Republic was nonpareil.

A tip of the hat to the Duke and a tip of the glass.

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