Friday, May 14, 2010


I was at a friend's house with some other people. The question was asked about women's self image. I listened, but said nothing.

The woman who posed the question looked like a 'model'. That is, tall, willowy figure, long hair, prominent cheekbones, striking eyes etc. The 'image' of a model as it were.

She said she was having trouble with her self image and wondered just how far reaching it is with women particularly.

I know there are some self image problems for a great many teens, especially girls but boys too.

Too much is foisted upon them and they think they have to meet some standard set up by Hollyweird and Madison Avenue.

There is a certain selfconsciousness that either gets taken in stride or overwhelms women.

Hey, men have it too. I'm an actor, and have seen some preening in my time (Me? Well gotta look right for the camera/stage -s-.).

The discussion ranged from the esoteric to what is 'expected in society'.

For instance, it was posited that the beginning of such displeasure started with Lucifer. Probably. But closer to home as it were, we should remember that it's what's inside that counts.

Too soon and too much people rely on the surface.

Easy to say I suppose, but it's a matter of mastery of self, ie not letting anyone else do your thinking for you.

Surface is the name of the game for many in Hollywood. Of course, there is a difference in giving a good first impression and being a fake.

That old lyric from 'Secret Agent Man' comes to mind, ie 'a pretty face can hide an evil mind'. So true. I've known socalled 'beautiful' people who are the worst sociopaths extant. Conversely, there are many who are lovely inside and out.

A couple of women come to mind who shall remain anonymous. But, you couldn't ask for more decent folks in whose company you would be uplifted. Actresses and actors are not all shallow, callow nits. They are not all extraordinarily beautiful either. But the good ones have a command of themselves nevertheless.

And it's true for all walks of life. I think show biz just focuses, looks etc, cuz that's the nature of the beast.

I've met some actually evil people in the construction business, and not really remarkably, in church work among other professions, walks of life.

Call me nuts, but I have an ability to evaluate people. It's one of the attributes that was most valued by my profs in college. I'm not Frank Black (Millennium), but I can fairly accurately pinpoint problems in a client or in perps.

I can be fooled. But it's dang hard to do so. Most of the time, they are known by their deeds.

Funny thing. I've watched liberals for years, in all aspects. A sicker bunch you will not find. And lately, the parade of collectivist trash that poses as congress, cops and mayors resemble a bunch of ghouls dining on the body of the Republic.

Sometimes that evil, that vapid sickness that infects collectivists shows in the faces of many, like a reverse Dorian Grey. They can be feral too, when they enact and send lackies to do their bidding.

Looks are great.

But delve underneath.

Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder.

And again, watch their deeds.

Actions speak louder than words.


optifree said...

Some of my friends are as ugly as a fence post.

teacher said...

We've all known people who 'get by on their looks' I bet.