Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Floating Ps

In the midst of my business/busyness, it is wise (sic) to remember what Bob Wise said about the 3 Ps: Passion, Persistence and Practice. 
Also age old advice for not just showbiz but for all: Never be dull or desperate.
And a two way street: Caveat Emptor.

Just thoughts floating around as indeed I am busy.  Not too busy to speak out for Freedom -s-.

That Bob Wise thing is curious.  He was a liberal democrat and thumped for GCA 68.  But he had sound advice re my career.  Wouldn't care to traipse where he did politically as in buds with the Clintons and his wife a huge supporter of Kerry etc.  However, it goes to show you we find meaning where we can (as Sinclair on Babylon 5 would say -s-).

Those Ps are good points for what we face.  So are not being dull or desperate no matter what we do.  Being measured and emphatic go a long way lol.

Always question aka Caveat Emptor.  That means ALL in politics.  We are supposed to be their bosses after all.  Never look a gift horse in the mouth.  Check out the whole damn thing lol.

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