Monday, October 1, 2007

Don't Give Up The Ship...

...Sell it! Like making lemonade out of life's lemons. Or something.....

There are lots of people who want us to give up. It may be about a life choice. Perhaps someone doesn't have the oomph or chudspah to advance. They are happy to be big ducks in a small pond. Or possibly just invisibly plodding through life. They see someone who wants more as a threat to their stilted view. Misery loves company. They would rather exist as wannabes (Often highly critical of those who 'make it'. Or they lose themselves in adoration of same).

To be in show biz one must have a thick skin. Truer words are never spoken. There is a lot of rejection. There are those who try to discourage. They talk about odds. To quote Han Solo, 'Never tell me the odds'! I focus ahead. Eyes on the prize. Planning ahead.

If the front door closes, try the back. Or a window. Or dig into the basement. Whatever it takes. This applies to just about any goals, not just my aspirations as a writer, actor etc.

Whatever you want, go for it! Mind you I'm talking lawfully, morally, spreading light and justice etc. I say this in case some smarty says Hitler was motivated. Haha.

This extends to bringing the country back to a Constitutional Republic. Those who seek absolute control over us would like to see us give up. They want us to throw up our hands and cry 'Enough'! The bureaucracy is set up specifically to bog us down. We must turn the tables. We will eventually boot their flabby butts.

Don't forget the example of the Founders. Talk about thick skins and 'stick toitiveness'. We can do no less.

Make THEM sweat. Make THEM wait. Expose them and use, instead of raw emotion or just cold facts, a combination of head and heart.

This enemy who tries to stop us never sleeps. We must sleep even less. Face to face trench warfare with the facts, in the mud and mire. It might get dirty and bloody. Then, I'd rather have scars than medals.

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