Monday, October 1, 2007

Lying Low 2

Looks like I'm writing a movie sequel lol! Just more elucidation re my activities lately.

Previously in Lying Low: I claimed I wasn't hiding, wasn't defeated nor disgraced, but I was biding my time, gaining strength and remaining ready for action. I particularly covered what's happening in Indy, my hometown. Let's see what's happening elsewhere.

During this time, I have been comtemplating what I will be doing at the State level re our gun rights. I've been reviewing what's going on in Indiana both good and bad. I'm sure some of my views will be seen as either too weak or too strong. Regarding this, I remember what Ben Franklin said to Thomas Jefferson in '1776'. Jefferson was between a rock and hard place concerning slavery. He had written against it in the Declaratuon. Some of the Southern states demanded he remove that portion. He relented, reasoning that it was more important to pass the Declaration and officially commence the War of Independence, than lose at the beginning. My ref is the line'One step at a time Tom'.

So, take all the talk of lifetime permits, permission to traipse about DNR armed, 'castle doctrine' etc with a big grain of Constitutional salt.

These 'steps forward' as it were (though Constitutionally, we the People have the Right to these things, not begging the State) pale for me because of my old bugaboo, carrying in the Statehouse.

Set aside for a time the FACT we have that RIGHT endemically. I have petitioned several levels of state government. No avail. Dealing with the bureaucracy that arbitrarily set this up, a fiat rule, admittedly not even legislatively, is like p****** up a rope. The all powerful siren song of 'security' rears its dolorous tones. I expected a certain amount of opposition. The DHS types have a one track mind. It is the circumstances involving me in this tug of war that gives me pause.

I was asked very cordially by the head of a certain 2A org here in the Hoosier State to do what I could to either stop the no carry or abate it and at least draw attention to it (I was asked after I mentioned I was doing this anyway). I mentioned I have been involved in 2A affairs for several years. You will rarely find my name though. I do not crave attention personally, only focus on the infringements that are slowly choking us to death as a Constitutional Republic. Great great I was told. Glad you are as committed as we are etc. The old 'we are all in this together routine'.

I was given the name of his 'friend' in the Statehouse. I approached this individual while I was taking the initiative to contact the CTASC (Counter-Terrorism and Security Council) group responsible for the onerous 'rule'. I was told this guy was a big supporter of Freedom/2A. This man did NOT have anything to do with my contacts. I hoped he might be an 'insider', maybe an ace in the hole' who could arrange meetings with higher ups.

I met him and he seemed ok if just a little nervous. I was going to the CTASC meeting and he said he'd go with. Fine. The more the merrier. He cautioned I shouldn't 'interrupt' (This was a public accessible meeting). A red flag. He made no attempt to introduce me to anyone. Second flag. Didn't matter, since I took the initiative anyway and had met the Lt. Gov, for instance, previously at a meeting of the aforementioned 2A group. After, he and I had a nice lunch and thanks etc. For what I'm not sure lol. He sent a followup note stating he applauded my 2A efforts and would help any way he could. Ok. In the 'biz' we exchange those notes too. They can be sincere or not. No difference here. In the next installment, I will elucidate and give impressions of the results of my efforts to get this bs rule rescinded.

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