Sunday, March 6, 2011

Death's Door

We all are gonna die. Whatever you say and however you define it, there is a cessation of breath.

Some of us have an idea when, and most of us don't.

The men at the Alamo knew they were doomed. They stayed.

I don't want to get schmalzy about that and the nobility in the face of certain death but it's inevitable. There comes a time that a choice must be made.

I watched my Dad die. It was slow and took several years.

When he was on his deathbed, in the very last hour of his life, he had been semi comatose til he rose up and said,'I'm not ready to go yet.'. Didn't do any good. Within the hour, after lying back down, he 'gave up the ghost'.

There is no hide and seek concerning death. Ready or not here I come might apply though.

Many of us have no inkling when death is coming. It can be sudden and untimely.

Many become ill. They are given a set amount of time to live. They may or may not expire at the given time.

I would never tell you to give in. I will only say that I intend to live til I die. It's a personal motto.

Sudden death has touched a lot of us. There is no living in fear though.

In answer to that, I will use my time. It's my other personal motto.

When the time comes and I am at death's door, I will cross over.

My feeling is that death is transition.

On then to the next dance...


kava said...

And on and on...

teacher said...

Death be not proud...