Thursday, March 3, 2011

Black Presidents

I read we are not to criticize 'our Black President'. This rhetoric nevers gets old for some. It was old for me before it was young.

The idea we shouldn't 'criticize' the President harks back to the idea that 'self esteem' can be damaged when pointing out faults. That kind of coddling goes hand in hand with all the rancid package of entitlement plaguing our people. The world now appaently owes folks a living and being too rough on little Johnny (or Barack) will damage his psyche.

On the contrary. We MUST criticize. We have to evaluate the good and bad. We are compelled to discuss the ins and outs. Evaluate. Discern what's valuable and what's not. Learn from your mistakes and improve.

This is different from berating, ie scolding and condemning. That of course is something this liberal mindset of not criticizing 'our Black President' seems to do with reckless abandon. Hypocritical huh? Big surprise.

I have a hunch that he has a hard time accepting criticism.

Calling the current occupier of the White House Black is understandable. It's been a long time coming. OTOH he is only technically six percent Black and that from Africa, not African American. Sheesh. How dare I? Black is Black huh?

Just as an aside, I think there are a few Presidents who may have had Black blood. Details are available on the web. A great deal of it is debatable. But there are fors and agins, so make up your own mind if you feel you must.

Hey, I'm part Indian from both sides. Ok.

Gotta go back to the content of character thing ala Dr. King. Ohoh. That entails evaluating people. Yet look at the works of this 'Black' President. Look at the socialist drivel, the bailouts, the kowtowing to others that litters his occupation and sullies even more than Clinton, the Office of POTUS.

A little final note. Someone claimed the Occupier was called socialist as a code for n****r. I disagreed. He is not a n****r, he is a marxist. Oh dear, that caused a storm...

I added that I would love to have a Black President. I would vote for Walter E. Williams.

That would be the difference between um black and white.

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Horse of a different color.