Thursday, March 17, 2011


I'm myself.

Still learning I know pretty well who I am.

I scare people, for several reasons methinks.

That I don't fit into a hole round or square is not unusual for me.

Cliches like marching to the tune of a different drummer come to mind.

I'm not a good old boy. I'm not a metrosexual. I'm not a homosexual.

My cousin was gay and there was not a more decent honorable man around. He helped me when I needed help.

We're a little bit busy trying to Restore the Republic.

Let each answer the call. The more the merrier.

I hate labels and as I said pigeonholing is for pigeons.

I can wear jeans or a tux. In Hollyweird you might see me in both lol.

Just a mini diatribe in response to not meeting someone else's expectations.

Doing too much? Not doing enough?

We will see...

Be yourselves!

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teacher said...

To thine own self be true.