Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I've actually had some and even before my excursion in showbiz. Guess that includes radio too.

I've had the privilege of having some folks appreciate efforts I have made. It does make one feel good.

I never sought that out. I've approached work as an end in itself. I like doing a good job. And I'm happy when people like the results.

We were covering a basketball game. My duties at a small station ranged from taking out trash to djing to game color, commercials and talk shows. As the evening progressed, several kids, mostly girls came up to get my autograph and make request. The last was something I encouraged. It gave the kids some participation and you probably know is common at stations.

I enjoyed interacting with the listeners. It was greatly a younger audience but actually there was a wide variety of folks. I liked spinning tunes and chatting on the air. And I was pleased people liked it!

You had to backtime songs then. Some had leadin melodies, allowing time to quip or comment on the tune or just about anything, mostly ending with the call letters.

I could write a lengthy tome about that time and probably a longer one about my adventures outside the station lol. But fans are the center of interest today.

Without them many an artist would be forgotten. It's also symbiotic and though I say the job is its own satisfaction, of course I was glad people liked my show etc. But there has to be a limit.

Fans can be a support base. They have brought shows back like Star Trek and to a lesser degree, Jericho for example. However, artists, being true to a message craft etc, happen to strike a chord and therefore give people something they have learned to want.

Fans have also given advice about projects. They can be in tune and from the outside help steer something to a satisfactory conclusion. Still an artist must know when to listen but also must listen to their own creativity. Balance and vision must be maintained.

I hope if I garner a fanbase, it's for something that gets them to think as well as entertain. I'm working on it.


kava said...

It's a curious weird balance.

Mike H said...

Aloha kava. Yes. Hopefully good chemistry.