Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Am Not A Number

March 19 was Pat McGoohan's birthday. I just don't forget.

And in all the time I knew him we didn't talk about The Prisoner nor Danger Man.

We talked about a number of things and he encouraged me to pursue my dreams, along with some of the ins and outs concerning showbiz.

But today, I am drawn to The Prisoner.

Maybe Lost engenders more discussion about what's going on re show or life, but Thr Prisoner surely focuses on individuality and how a cold force attempts to manupulate us, treating us like cattle.

I can see the similarities and I think there are aspects of Lost that give a nod to The Prisoner. Iconic comes to mind. Someone had to lead the way.

I am not a number. It's an old story.

Over the decades gov has found improved ways to box us and categorize us. Numbers and computers are a natural. The whole educational spectrum seems concentrated on drilling it into kids to go here do this don't question.

The whole thing goes against the grain. It always has. I didn't like being shepherded, primarily because I was not a sheep. I had this irritating quality of thinking for myself. I welcomed guidance, but I have never suffered fools well. Give me the bare bones and leave me to it.

Show me what's what. Critique me and show me where I can improve. Then leave me to do so on my own.

Too much spoonfed society. Of course that's perfect for those who would be our masters.

We sure made sure the kids were left, with us near, to do for themselves. Now we are not as near. They are fine.

I remember Schluepy, my late friend who employed me to paint while I attended college.

I thought I knew what I was doing. He gave me a brush and told me to go at some trim.

Shortly he quietly stopped me and said,'Let's see here...' He proceeded to show me how to paint trim with skill acquired after years of craftsmanship. He taught me how to add paint to the brush, drain the excess, to feather and keep a steady line.

I've never forgotten nor the fact he quietly showed me the ropes. There were no kid gloves or worries about self esteem. He possessed the gift to teach.

I was not treated as a number and Schluep sure as hell wasn't.

It boils down to skill begetting skill, which is kinda hard to do in a box.


teacher said...

I've tried to teach like that.

Mike H said...

You have my friend.