Thursday, March 17, 2011



Haven't been to one in ages.

Took my son to pick up a K98 Mauser. 21. We also barhopped two weeks ago. I found myself getting older lol.

The fear and paranoia invoked by the F troopers is epidemic.

Used to be you could josh people. Yesterday I dared to in passing say 'Bet you'll answer no to all those' in ref to the idiotic 4473 commanded by those who would control us.

The clerk 'helping' him told me rather loudly that I was forbidden to 'help' him fill it out. What cowardly douchebags, not to mention a$$holes.

Obviously didn't have any intention of same. Last time I filled out one, I was joking rather loudly, poking fun at the ftroopers. Not anymore apparently.

Used to be gunstores were places rather like public forums where people could freely express their opinions. Now when I walked away from the counter mentioning we had the gov to thank for this I was looked upon with a mixture of disdain, fear, suspiscion and a couple of nods.

I was there to witness my son buying his first gun on his own. Ok we were a little late at 21. Better late than never lol.

It's too bad it had to be in a fed sanctioned legal web, something that has been perverted into permission to exercise a right.

Big surprise! My son was 'approved' after his background check. Sieg Heil! How ironic considering the rifle he bought was issued to the Wehrmacht and had been a Red Army 'capture' gun.

He's a decent kid if I say so myself who is becoming a Marine pilot soon. He wants to serve his country.

It is a country that is continually restricting his and mine and your rights.

Funnily enough he contacted one of his friends who is in the UK. That poor kid is 'jealous' that my son can purchase a firearm with so much ease, lol! Sour laugh.

Is it the fault of the employees? Yes and no. It's everyone's fault.

Here we are in this sh**pit after letting the slow slide into a Titaniclike sinking.

Then again the place still employs the horseass with whom I argued about such things just a few years ago.

He talked about how one day they would line the downtown gov building with bins into which would be poured our accumulated treasures of Freedom. How the nra museum would be a place for me to take my grandkids (still future) to see what guns were.

I argued how we could resist. Let's suffice it to say in my own crude way that I reiterated what Vanderboegh, Codrea etal say.

It was met with haughty disdain.

What kind of warpo was this to be selling them then?

Oh, it's just business.

I pointed out it was our business to stop that kind of theft/rape of rights.

He even had disdained our homeschooling and was astonished my son could speak Russian and was learning German let alone my daughter speaking Spanish. After showing they held their own in other academics, he had kept a surly eye on us. Hope peezdah isn't censorable -s-. Describes him well. Or perhaps the Lakota pey shah might be appropriate for him and these guys held by the nuts by a bunch of kill crazy bureaucrats.

Now it seems the poison has spread further. Even some of the older guys were wondering if I could have been a fed provocateur. I knew this by attitude, so if you want their side well ok.

When I walked away from the counter so my son could conclude his purchase and mentioned 'government' the atmosphere was electric. Also one guy turned and stared at me in a surly manner. What surprise. He was a cop. Where have all the gunloving cops gone? I used to shoot with several. They are either dead or retired and gone off.

If I'd had it to do over, I would have had my kid do a face to face. Pretty sure that's what I'm doing from now on.

The gov a$$kissing was so loud, I could hear the sucking sound.

I felt like I was in an Orwellian nightmare.

Well that nightmare is real.

And we must find our way out.

Or else.


Grandpa Smurf said...

Pragmatic fools who will fold.

Tom Collins said...

Maybe some are laying low -s-.

Mike H said...

Had a great time tlaking guns with my son. A guy overheard and joined us in conversation. Reminded me of when I was a kid.
Then it went south to praglandafter him.