Friday, November 30, 2012

This Is Not Hollywood

I was going to call this Mugging Update.  But reading a review at Ammoland of Michelle Gesse's book, Bogus Allegations, I was struck by the injustice suffered by her husband, herself and family over a false allegation of threatening someone with a gun.  Let her words be your guide here:

And before I give you my view of what has so far happened, I just want to say that what's going on is nothing compared to the horrors suffered by the Gesses and by so many more sucked into the criminal justice system.  I think of all those railroaded by the rogue org BATFE and many more tentacles of gov.  What's happened here doesn't even come close to what the state has inflicted elsewhere.

Mrs Gesse comments about television shows and how the personas make it look like getting a lawyer implies guilt.  In fact, one can notice this on any of the 'cop' shows.  It's usually the baddies who clam up and demand a mouthpiece.  The 'innocent ' spill their guts to the cops, with blithely nothing to fear, since they have nothing to fear.  Uhuh.

My post mugging research uncovered a term cops have for those who lawyer up.  They are labeled 'uncooperative'.  God, how things have changed.  I'll talk about that later.

Mrs Gesse's comments re Hollywood remind me of what the detective assigned to my case said.

This guy was a fast talking glad handing type.  He appeared to be suffering from hyperactivity.  The next morning after the mugging he called.  Without thinking, I allowed him to visit.  He produced several sheets of computer printed mug shots and said curtly to identify the guys apprehended the night before who alledgedly mugged me.

I was tired, having not slept and I saw the faces but couldn't focus.  I waved my hand at them and said maybe they were there.  I wasn't sure.  He immediately pointed or thumped his finger at several faces, so fast I couldn't keep up, saying those were the suspects.  I asked for a lineup.  He laughed and said this wasn't Hollywood.  They didn't do that.  WTF?  I felt sure if I saw the guys in the flesh I could pick them out.  He shook his head and said I had my chance.

As for my gun, the shop had faxed the wrong serial #.  He said it wasn't my gun.  I assured him it was as the uniforms the night before had a description of the perps and my Glock.  This he just brushed aside and I said I'd get the shop to fax the correct number.  They did so.

Before he checked the fax, this paragon of police work kept insisting it was NOT my gun.  i told him I could ID it by a nick in the end of the barrel.  He had trouble comprehending me.  I told him it was where the bullet came out.  With that, he withdrew his weapon with a rapid jerk and at least pointed it barrel down.  Then he asked me to point to the part of the gun I meant.  I kid you not.  You can't make this bs up or even write it in Hollywood lol.  When he did this, I thought of where David Codrea got his 'only one' appellation.  The cop who told the kids it was ok for him to handle his gun and he was the only one there qualified to do so, subsequently shooting his own leg.  Thank God this only one did not shoot himself nor me.

Later on the phone, he said the gun did not have the any mark.  I said he didn't look in the right place.  He hrmphed at that and added maybe they switched it.  Again WTF?  These thugs have that sophisticated a system of getting stolen guns on the street?  And in that short time between my mugging, robbery and their apprehension?  What a maroon this guy was.  I suggested he merely check the fax with the correct serial #.  Sheesh.  He claimed it hadn't arrived yet.  He was going off duty soon and wouldn't be back til Saturday.  It was Tuesday.

He called Saturday.  Asked if I would like to ID perps.  Called me Michael.  Then supposedly realized he had called the wrong guy.  You see, the mokes robbed another guy the night they nicked me.  Idiots.  Our star detective then said I still was disqualified from identifying anyone, but he curtly said it was my gun after all.  Duh.  He allowed I could have it back in 6 to 8 weeks.  As of now, it's almost 14 weeks.     

At 10 weeks I sent our Columbo an email reminding him of what he said re my property.  He sent a curt reply that the case was still pending and he would talk to the prosecutor assigned the case about releasing it early.  Uhuh.

He had also said previously he could bring it to me.  Hmmmm.  I was under the impression one had to go in person and retrieve property, whatever it was, but especially a gun.  Hmmmm.

I know cases can be strung out.  They wanted a stolen gun charge on these guys.  My mugging has been ignored.  I have not even talked to a prosecutor.

My lawyer, a guy who has handled a lot of legal matters for me, carries.  I notified him of what happened.  I asked for further advice and had cc'd my email to the detective.  He called while I was ironically walking.  The reception was poor and he said to call him next morning.  I did.  Got his machine.  Left a message.  No return call.  Called again several days later.  No return call.  Called just this last Monday.  As of this writing, no return call.  Hmmmmm.

I had also cc'd the email to the Commander East District.  He called.  Gasp.  Said the detective was from downtown, not one of his District guys.  So, there was nothing he could do.  Uhuh.  I'd been given his name specifically by the uniform the night of my mugging.  He told me if I was being stalled about my gun's return to call the Commander.  Uhuh.

Oh, yes.  The solicitous uniform who brought me home that night and returned to declare they retrieved my gun has been impossible to reach.  Night after the incident, he called.  Twice since, I left messages.  Nothing.  First time a woman courteously took my message and he called me.  Those other two times a gruff guy gave me a third degree and at one point seemed not to know who the officer was.  Uhuh.

There is more to this, particularly about it being black on white crime.  It is increasing nationwide and interestingly since the current occupier of the Oval Office took over.  It is also being swept under the rug nationwide including flashmob crimes.  Imagine if I'd been black and it was 3 white guys.  And all the cops happened to be white.  How about that?  Yep this ugly white m*****f***** (repeatedly yelled at and taunted-made em work though -s-) is left in the lurch.

I will get my gun back and get tothe bottom of this crapfest.

Also, I still have contacts Mr Detective doesn't know I have.  One said and I quote,'He's stupid.'  Well he could be covering up his incompetence -s-.

The bugs got my addy and phone.  I have had a little harassment.  I am vigilent and armed -s-.  One of the cops actually said 'You have other guns?'  Uhuh. 

I told this mastermind dick (short for detective like in Hollywood lol) that they might try burglary or worse.  He laughed and said he 'had been doing this 26 years and never heard of that'.  WTF?  That's common MO for many perps.  Where the hell did he police? 

I'll update this as soon as I can.  Keep thinking of me -s-.


kava said...

What's happening is bad enough friend.

Tench Coxe said...

It's endemic of how cops serve the state and not the people.

Mike H said...

Shoulda lawyered up immediately. And checking into progun counsel.

henry said...

Imagine if you'd plugged those creeps?

Mike H said...

A story worthy of Hollywood?

teacher said...

Trayvon times three.