Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Rewatched it.  As all movies do, it takes liberties with history.  But I'm reminded it's the spirit, the message that gets through.

This film speaks to me of what we can endure for love and duty.  It tells us how we live and die can be entwined. 

The wrong man became emperor.  The right man for the job is not only maligned, but he is almost murdered.  His wife and son are killed, in most heinous ways and his lands destroyed.

I wouldn't draw a direct parallel to our recent election -s-.  Certainly chicanery and deceit, Chicago style played a part.  However, neither guy was right for the job of President.  I'm not beating a dead horse, so come to your own conclusions.  But, we need someone who begins to reestablish our Constitutional Republic and marxists and rinos just do not fit the bill.

We are fortunate, in that our system is not as autocratic as the Roman Empire.  People are supposed to rule.  Yet we invariably hand over responsibility to those who do the bidding of those who would be our masters.

And I am appalled at the ridiculous slamming that occurs from people who place the blame on a party.  How twisted.  And for those of us who hit the nail on the head, we are often relegated to marginalization, a looney bin for social misfits.  Or worse, like some of good guy Maximus' supporters, there is death and decimation.

Take Gladiator as a study in fortitude.  We may have to endure seemingly beyond our limits events that 'try men's souls'.  We actually are now.  Many of us are being harrassed, jailed and some killed.  It will be so for the price of Freedom/Liberty is more than eternal vigilence.  It is fighting an enemy that never sleeps.

We must learn to sleep less and more.  We can use their tactics against them.  Figure it out.

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teacher said...

To parasphrase Maximus, 'Envision where you want to be and it will be so'.