Thursday, November 29, 2012

Red Abe Dawn

Well as Bette Davis' character said in All About Eve,'Fasten your seatbelts.  It's going to be a bumpy night.'  I am daring to criticize Abe Lincoln.  Or, as his fans might say, I am assailing a great American.  You decide.

It isn't exactly a groundswell, thanks to the preponderance of MSM/historian bias, but there is evidence that Abe Lincoln had Marxist ties or at least flirted with it.  You can make what you like out of the letter Karl wrote Abe in 1864.  What a hoot.

The (Fill in the blank with whichever title you give the conflict of North and South ca 1861-1865.) 'War' boiled down to property vs labor.  Southern aristocracy vs Northern workingmen.  Nonsense.

Debate me if you like, but here is my take.

Slavery was on its way out.  Yet elements all over the country sought to maintain it if feasible.  And don't get me started on Africans selling fellow Africans to whites/Arabs (NB).  Tribal war begat business.  Even in the 'good ol' days' the USSC made pardon the pun, dreadful decisions such as Dred Scott.  There has been rot in the Republic all along.  It's just most gangrenous now.

Lincoln was in the pocket of Northern industrialists.  Talk about labor, which eventually reached new depths in 19th century sweatshops, mines etc (including children).  The South was being pressured into what it considered tribute at their expense.

You might say it's odd if Abe were a Marxist, that he would blatantly do the bidding of businessmen.  Not at all.  Politics and business are old bedfellows.  Look around today, here, Russia, China, Dubai etc.  Communism, after all, is gov monopoly of industry.  It does what it says it is eradicating.  It exploits the workers.

Marx wrote during the War of his admiration for Lincoln, 'the single minded son of the working class', his support for the Union Army, Republican Party and his hope for the workers to be promoted and to unite with those 'struggling' in Europe. 

Slavery issues were just political tools of expediency.  Abe never considered Blacks as equals and neither did Marx.  They were convenient leverage to institute what was a desired goal.

The South was following the precepts of the Founders in dissolving one union and establishing another.  I believe both sides would eventually have peacefully reunited after industrialization normalized and the Fed was put in its place.

Instead, a bloodbath ensued and spurred on by pride.  It left a rift still felt and played upon, the better to manipulate, federalize and control. 

And those banks, the bane of our Republic, had fueled continued slave trade.  Onlt 7% of Southerners had slaves.  Of course, it was 7% too much.  Lincoln's policies merely put slaves on another plantation and paved the way for a Fed which ever grows and increasingly enslaves today.

What I find disturbing is the foistered cult of fictional/childish textbook worship of personality re Abe.  The fantastic Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, though obviously fiction, demonizes the South horribly and deifies Abe.  And the film Lincoln, while well done and acted by the wonderful Daniel Day-Lewis and others, does something similar under the guise of historical drama..

Interesting that the occupier of the Oval Office greatly admires him.  I suspect this Lincoln worship is on purpose proxy of the current Soetero worship.  All said, Abe was much more of everything than O could ever be. 

Reminds me of the demonization of Jefferson in the form of trying to make him a womanizing hypocrite.  It was, in my opinion, Clinton's people's attempt to diffuse his less than stellar record re women and to point out as his middle name was Jefferson, that they were both great men with, shall we say, flaws (and to deflect examination of treasonous activity re China).  Flaws aplenty for that charlatan and no way did he come close to the genius of Thomas Jefferson, who indeed was quite human.

We should never make the Founders, nor anyone past present nor future godlike.  Remembering our humanity warts and all is our saving grace.  We should never be afraid to examine history and dig for truth.

Believe what you will about all this.  But bear in mind where we are at and how we got here.

We are great as a people first, then a Republic of States with the Fed as a glue or common ground.  That is all it is supposed to be.

Lincoln almost destroyed that with a strong national gov, dominating the States.  He did not comepletely succeed.

But we have a long way to go in order to undo his mess and subsequent debacles.

As I say, bit by bit we reconstruct what has been deconstructed.

History will not take care of itself.  We must live each day and fight to regain our Liberty or rather to make it plain it is here and will not go away.  


teacher said...

Lincoln had Marxist and or sympathizers around him in the military and gov. Reminds me of FDR.

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