Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hrolf The Ganger

He's one of my ancestors.  He was a Viking and I suppose they might have been one of the original gangs in history.  They were certainly a society, a culture all their own.

These guys were rough to say the least.  If it had been Hrolf on the Parkway (bear with me lol), he would have gutted the goblins who assaulted me and put their heads on poles at Victoria Park with signs denoting their crimes.

Well, we are civilized now huh?  Yes.  There are those who gut anmd behead but they do it for religious fanaticism, not for medieval justice.

We have civilized methods to deal with perps now.  The most effective is firearms.  But self defense is timeless and methods can vary.  I leave it to each person to apply what is needed both toolwise and skillwise for the best conclusion.

As for the legal system that supposedly proves we have advanced past Hrolf's rough justice, it's a mixed bag.  It is a major piece of the Republic we must bit by bit restore.

Hrolf by the way, went on to take Normandy.  He was made a duke.  My ancestors eventually came to England with William the Conquerer and several settled in Scotland.  Rough boys and girls fought and died and who laid the groundwork in part for Freedom as it has come about today.

Just because I'm descended from these guys doesn't make me tough.  It is a heritage of course that evokes pride.  I am here now however.  It is up to me to fight for freedom.

What makes me 'tough' is the resolve to restore the Republic, to be Free in all respects and to indeed fight on all levels for it.

The state should realize this about all of us.  We are ALL the descendants of anyone who fought for Freedom.  It is a heritage of choice as well of blood for me.

I think Hrolf is smiling.


tomtom said...

Who wants to be a bloody Viking?

Mike H said...

I don't know.

Mike H said...

And before it gets silly, I'm extrapolating. Proud of my heritage. Proud of myself. And I'm also Irish, some of whom fought some of the Vikings. Quite a mix. But that's American -s-.

Will Scarlet said...

Hrolf the Viking Ganger, lived by the sea
And frolicked with his men and French in a land called Normandy
Hrolf the Viking Ganger, took Normandy
And if not for guys like him,
Wherefore would we be?

Luke Ganger said...

Hey there, I read this and though it was funny, he's my ancestor too. My names Luke Ganger and I too and proud of my heritage.