Monday, October 29, 2012


You know the type.  They are the pompous a$$ prigs who hijack religion.

Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and yes even Buddhism have had their share of, to be kind, zealots and accompanying movements. 

These people want to do your thinking for you.  Do not let them.  Some are in seemingly absolute positions of 'authority' in religious organizations.  Even if it means expulsion just make it, a 'you can't fire me, I quit' scenario.  

If you are consistent and keep truth foremost, they may keep you from an org.  But they cannot stop you from living your faith, whatever it may be.  The trick is not to let them get you to be defensive.  Then, you may seem to be protesting too much.  Be honest and avoid diatribes.  Length may or may not count.  If you can be succinct, ok.  If length exposes truth, so be it.

Mutual belief is NOT fanaticism.  It is agreement by a group in a belief system. 

Socalled fundamentalism is NOT fanaticism.  It is belief in a very 'conservative' vista.

ANYTHING can be fanatical though, when selfish interests supercede belief.  There may be a fine line, but calling for death to all but your group is a megaclue for instance, that things are off the track.

Imposing (aha) things on others is the super inkling.

We who enjoy and espouse Freedom would not force others to accept it.  Its very nature means it is freely accepted. 

We will explain it, discuss it, relate it to any and all.

Those who oppose it will stop at nothing to destroy it.  Talk about poobahs!  Emphasis on 'poo' -s-.

And if it is attacked, we defend it.  In words and deeds.


Mr Big said...

Length may or may not count. Size matters lol.

Mike H said...

Only if it matters -s-.