Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Being Civil

There is a lot of talk about civil war these days  And there are a lot of ramifications (great word lol).  Being civil has a lot to do with it.

Being polite has nothing to do with it.  Being honest does. 

A lot of people don't want to make waves.  They rely on civilized behavior to mask cowardice.  And those who would control, who would destroy the 'experiment' that is our Republic, also rely on that.

When people speak out, not in blood filled fanatical rants, but in reasoned yet firm terms, that rocks the boat.

Our enemies have to do hazard control.  They are well studied and have prepared for a lot of exigencies.  No one can prepare for everything.  There is always an 'x' factor.  Thus there is being ready for the unexpected.  Both sides know this and take said measures.

Don't expect an explanation of that.  Its very nature precludes it.  But, speaking for myself, one must develop an ability to adjust and function no matter what happens.  One must instantly assess and act.  Not to reiterate, but my 'mugging' proved that to me.

BTW, I'm refraining from most commentary etc about that and its aftermath til it goes through the dredgy bureaucratic crapfest known as a legal process.  Needless to say, the state and its agents are performing as expected.  Stay tuned.

As for being civil, it actually requires us to shout and rally those who will rise to meet the threats we face.  It is also necessary for us to keep our heads.

Civilization is a thin veneer.  Human nature is the same, just technology changes.  That means we are capable of great good and great evil.  depends on what we want to achieve.

If or when civilization breaks down, aka the system falls apart, we will have to call upon inner strengths.  we may have to do things we ordnarily would not do.  But self defense demands such.

Then being civil will be the buffer that keeps us from deteriorating while we employ measures to stop the threat.

Being civil demands that we force damage control to overwhelm our enemies, foreign and domestic.

Keeping our heads precludes that we don't jump the gun as it were.  Those who would control us hope we attack.  We must play a delicately balanced game as we counter their assaults.

Think on your feet .

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Frank Lee said...

Armed diplomacy.