Saturday, September 29, 2012

Everything Is Going To Be OK

I watched The Beaver with Mel Gibson.

Whatever you think of Mel, this flick is pretty good.  Directed by Jodie Foster, it's well done all around.  It is a tale of descent into mental illness and denial with tragic then better results, in that people emerge from their problems facing things head on.

Rather than a critique, I suggest you get it and see for yourself.  It'll cost you about 90 minutes.

What caught my attention was the short sentence that is the title of this piece.

At the end there is a note about the value of truth.  One of the points is that 'everything is going to be ok' is misleading.  It is often not the case.

We cradle, hold tight, a child in our arms after something bad happens, whatever it may be.  It's a natural tendency to say everything will be ok.  We want it to be.  But we cannot take back whatever occurred.  All we can do is go forward.  I think that's what we really mean.

Things are going to shake us up, rock our world.  What does remain is being there.  We can't take back something bad.  We can be with people and help them through the aftermath.  We can rebuild.

Maybe, just maybe, everything will be ok from that point on.  It's likely to be an uphill battle however.

Facing problems including fears and dealing with them will point us in the direction of making it right.  Things can only be ok when we are indeed honest with ourselves and others.

It's true for kids, family, friends etal. 

It's true for this Constitutional Republic.


Henry said...

Bit of a stretch but food for thought.

Mike H said...

Think collectivism as the mental illness that controls and almost completely dominates. Shedding light on it, the truth of it helps confront and thwart and stop it. Over simplified yes. A lot of work ahead most certainly.