Sunday, September 30, 2012


Yes I'm referring to the scum who jumped me, but to more than them. 

There are roving bands of low lifes who roam, sometimes let out in a particular area, looking for a crime of opportunity.  It usually involves assault and theft.  It may include burglary, home invasion and rape.

These pukes don't care.

I told my tale to a few folks on Facebook.  Among the responses I noted were the ones that asked why.  Why.  Who would do this and why did they do it.

I answered simply that there were 'people' (though these have given up their humanity) who didn't give a fig about anything but themselves.  They take what is not their's, and the price can be fatal or at least injurious to others.  And these thugs hope they meet folks who wonder why. 

I can't do more than tell people that thugs exist.  I hope I help wake them up before they themselves get jumped and that they prepare to defend themselves, family and property.  I don't think I'd be here if I hadn't used some of my skill, though not enough.

Matt Bracken's trilogy illustrates what might well happen when civilization collapses.  I believe these rovers are readying themselves.  They fancy themselves street soldiers.  Don't over or under estimate them.  For when it comes down to it, they will find out what war is all about.

Mind you, I am not seeking them out.  But if these schmucks make a second mistake, I will stop the threat.  The warrior has indeed reawakened in me -s-. 

Again, I have debriefed with some whom I trust.  I have practiced and will continue to do so close quarter skills both armed with gun or blade and unarmed.  My awareness is back up, having dwelt among the lotus eaters too much.

I will talk of gangs soon.  They are a cancer which needs to be excised from the Republic.

The scheisskopfs who jump people are of course cowardly.  Three on one is their usual number, but there is always more than one.  Exceptions in there being just one on one can happen, if they think they can take someone.  Don't let em.

Learn.  Spread the word that these creeps exist.  If folks turn their back and blitely ignore the thug factor, it is at their own peril.

Perhaps my event serves as proof to a few at least.

Know these thugs are around.  Spread the word.  Be ready.  Let them know they don't have an easy path ahead.  Give em the hell they deserve.

Also, I'll be letting people know what developments come from my assault.  There will be some interesting revelations in a few weeks.

Watch your six.


3in1 said...

If those dicks aren't gangbangers, I'd be surprised

Mike H said...

Check out this little piece of liberal apologetics:

More on gangs one day soon but suffice it to say this sums up the radical end of entitlement.

Mike H said...

I got that from David Codrea's site. This one Mike Vanderboegh scoured up:
Do NOT be afraid. Learn. Bit by bit we will get this Republic back.
Again, more later.