Sunday, July 29, 2012

Moving Pictures

I will not let a monster destroy my life, my faith, my rights.

It seems a worthy thought in light of the Aurora shootings.

And I'm not even mentioning the perp's name nor much about his behavior.  I prefer to remember the victims.  There is too much emphasis on the killers.  And there is never enough discussion of reasons.

Is there a deadening of feelings due to video games and movies?  Ultra violence permeates society.  We wallow in vicarious death.  But is it explanation aplenty?  I think some kids etc are conditioned and it's debatable if people can be made sociopaths.  If I recall, some of the audience thought the perp and his actions initially were a stunt.  After the movie started? Uh-uh.

I'm not gonna waste time talking about what I'd do, except mention I'd probably ignore the stupid no guns rule.  The perp did, knowing he'd have a target rich environment.  I would defend myself.  How etc would depend on the given circumstances.

What's interesting is the timing.  The UN gun treaty was being debated.  What a lovely fulcrum to lever support for it.  Also, along with legally raping the Reese family (gunstore owners), it might take attention away from an obviously criminal Attorney General (and President) and the gov's gunwalking whoas.

Of course the usual suspects moan and groan that we need more gun control.  Ad nauseum in the extreme, the blood dancing continues.  The attending arrogance is everywhere.

I encountered it on Facebook.  couldn't resist some sarcasm re flea markets and gunshows.  There are the more insidious.

The cheek of some who play the old card of Repubs bad, Demos good is hilarious if not for the apparent seriousness of tone.  They are actually just socialist polls, stringing gullibles along.  And yes there are plenty of decent people who place their hope in such, denying the truth.

Moreso, one of them  declared all veterans, seeing the horrors of combat,  know 'assault weapons' are just for killing and should be banned from use except for police and military.  Sops are given to a gutted conciliatory Second Amendment for the nazilike 'sporting purpose' (which was gone after later).  This gentleman who purportedly believes the rhetoric, certainly is NOT keeping his oath.  The Constitution is subject to 'interpretation', which means its eventual eradication in the name of progress aka communism.

I'm  happy to note as of this moment the UN treaty seemes temporarily scuttled.  Efforts by the occupier of the Oval Office have gone underground again and others' attempts are not getting traction.

Some of us are indeed connizant of the fact our enemies never sleep and that we must sleep less.  There are those confronting the BS.  Our usual suspects (lol), Codrea and vanderboegh and so many more are not letting the criminals get away with this.

One other note.  I believe sociopathy is cultivated and many cross a line who would not save for the triggers in place.

My kids play games and have guns.  They know the difference between fantasy and reality.  they also know how to defend themselves.

And they sure as hell don't blame guns nor any other social triggers for what happens.

We and so many more are willing to confront both the liars and the dupes, toe to toe.  It made certain people on Facebook wary of me for instance.

Let's keep up the momentum.


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Mike H said...

And now we have a purported white supremicist shooting up a Sikh temple. the demonization continues. Rather like a protracted plot similar in some ways to Enemies Foreign and Domestic. Look out, tyranny is stabbing US in the back again.