Friday, June 29, 2012

Jericho Redux

Keeping in mind this is a television show, I think it bears reexamination, concentrating on the brief second season.  I suggest you get both seasons and see for yourself btw.

Briefly, 23 cities have been nuked.  The country has been divided.  East of the Mississippi a remnant gov based in Columbus O (Indy was nuked along with DC etc.  You'd be surprised about my hometown.  Lotta secret work here etc).  West has a gov in Cheyenne Wy.  texas opted to rebecome an independent country again. 

There is a lot of black ops in this show.  It's worth watching just for that -s-.  Robert Hawkins is the secret agent with a conscience.  If we have guys like him when the time comes, restoring the Republic will still be a bloody drawn out affair.  But such people will help make it winable.

Civil war is on it's way at the end of the season as the remaining bomb is delivered to Texas and they side with the US.

The Allied States in the west, is the illegal union foisted upon citizens by those who fomented the bombings in order to wrest power.

As we know power is never given up.  Thus a civil war which has as yet to be portrayed (I hope it does), is in the offing.

It is implied that it will be a long bloody war, since even with proof of conspiracy, the AS will fight to keep tyrannical control (They hold a constitutional convention and almost immediately the 2A is removed -s-).  They are aided and abetted by an all purpose company, Jennings and Rall, which blends with the gov and enforcers past the AS military in the form of 'Ravenwood', which does official thieving and thug work.  Anything sound familiar?

There is a strong resolve to right the wrong and bring the AS down. 

I'm not saying this is a primer for what lies ahead in reality.  But it's worth studying.  It could be a pallette for a portrait -s-.


sniksnak said...

The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things.

digger said...

How them folks in Russia diggin this?

Mike H said...

I hope people everywhere dig Freedom. Imagine a world of Constitutional Republics with no one predominating, the only interest maintaining Freedom. And tyranny, no matter where, is stopped. Hows that for utopia?

ded red said...

Beats communism -s-.

Mike H said...

Wonder if some Alinsky wannabe will try to discredit me? Only if they think I'm a threat. I have good examples of those who are attacked. Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea among others.