Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Ok, it's a bit of a stretch but I couldn't resist -s-.  And it has nothing to do with the previous No Mas Pantalones.

In fact, I'd say it's the opposite.  We'd best be getting some steel pants, because the problrms just are not going away.

I've talked how the enemies of the Republic are relentless.  They have dedicated themselves to our destruction since before the Republic began.

Every mistake made, each problem we make for ourselves is exploited by happenstance or due to manipulation deliberately ar rhe hands of our collectivist foes.

Communism is NOT dead.  It gets wavy and indistinct but it's always there, whether you taste foreign or domestic battery acid.

Thus I speak of how our enemies never sleep and warn we must learn to sleep less.  We simply cannot drop the ball..  Each of us can do something from exposure to fighting on any other level that will be demanded.

Pray for the guys in the forefront of the fight, such as David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh etal.  Speak out or depending on the portion, lay back.  When your time comes do your job.

They have ultimate contempt for Freedom, for everything we hold dear.  And they do something about it. 

We hate the evil we fight.  Marshal that, control it and do your part.  Show we will sleep less, are more dedicated, not in a pissing match, but because they wish to enslave or kill us.  And we have a RIGHT to stop them, by any and all means. 

There are many ways to fight, so choose your weapons.  We are lifelong Freedom fighters.  And as the reds teach, teach your children what is right with a tenacity that is slackless.  Deal in specifics and do not rely on just saying we are better than they are.

Prove it.


teacher said...

Beware one sided conversations. They invoke their god Alinsky. When they do play some rapid fire chess.

ded red said...

Believe me they know there are those among us who are slackless. Just look who hits certain blogs. Let them watch their own destruction.