Thursday, June 28, 2012


The Lord High Mayor of NYC has struck again. He has demanded a ban on high capacity soda pop.   Let me just simplify this.

Megalomaniacal billionaire Bloomberg is using a health issue to impose more control over the public.  These health issues are nebulous areas which may have some basis in a popular opinion backed by possible facts that all the sugar and caffeine is bad for you.

It's the same premise for smoking bans, helmet laws and even tracking sex offenders.  I encountered one who said they would come after them as a test to come after any of us.  It's one thing that he said I agree on.  No one denies child rapists are evil except for them.  So what's the harm in keeping track of them?  Helmets and or seatbelts save lives so where's the harm in demanding people use them?  What's healthy about smoking?  Foods are full of empty calories and chemicals ad nausea.

It's simple.  We need to regulate ourselves.  It is OUR choice, not the choice of gov.  Many make mistakes.  We should learn from them.  We should not imperil others.  People have a right to protect themselves etc.

The s.o.b. who hurts kids was right though.  They will come after us.  They already have and will not stop til total control is implemented.

Yes we must stop monsters who rape kids.  We must also stop monsters who destroy Freedom.  I see no difference.

How?  Sure we pinpoint them.  Real criminals can and will be punished. 

How far are they going to go before we take back our rights?  Yes, even to make mistakes. 

We should make those who choose to smoke to be places they freely choose.  Let those who don't take an implied risk or seek places where they may be free of smoke.  By choice.  That's all surface though.

It will get worse before it gets better.  And the controllers will bring punishment on themselves.

BTW, billionaires aren't the problem.  Bloomberg would be an ass w/o it.  It's what you do that counts.


teacher said...

Entitled to their day in court no matter how heinous the crime. If one gets the benefit, all do.

Mike H said...

Exactly. We must be for all or we will all fall. As we restore the Republic, the courts will once again be the fair display of justice instead of the dwelling place of gods in black robes, lawyers who rape rights and cops who enforce the unconstitutional. Informed juries willl again ensure the courts are about the PEOPLE.

Perry Mason said...

In displaying the evil to be punished we will also be showing how the innocent triumph.

Scale o Justice said...

And if there is civil war, what then?

Mike H said...

There will be strife and blood. It's war. But in spite of suffering, as there was in 1776, there will be villains brought to book. And many will finally be imprisoned and other punishment meted out, as originally intended.

no soop for u said...

Butts will be kicked and the alphabetters 'disbanded'.

Mike H said...

Ohoh. Now they will watch me. Wait. They already have -s-.

Mike H said...

Oh yes. I'm still smoking cigars and sipping whiskey -s-.

White Wolf said...

It's about being put on the res.