Tuesday, July 31, 2012


It was a television series in the mid 60's that ran five years.  It's success doubtless had to do with the fact that the events portrayed had taken place just twenty years before.  Many kids then had Dads who had fought in WW2 or many men and women who helped in the war effort.  Certainly there were many who experienced that time firsthand.

The show illustrated the daily grind of the many missions which made up the whole, the objective of victory.

Talk to those who took the oath then and now.  Learn that singular purpose made up of all who seek victory aka Restoration of the Republic.

Like the Freedom sought in the past, the brushfires in the minds of many will lead to a world not just US, but a world that is Free, self determining, from many One.  What a 'one world' that would be -s-.

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