Thursday, May 31, 2012

Under Pressure

Here is a small reveal: Under Pressure form David Bowie and Queen was the first song I played as a DJ. 'Pressure, pressing down on me'. Nope, I'm not commenting on those guys. I like to leave certain opinions up to each person. But I reserve the right to give mine and exchange ideas. That must be one of the greatest saving graces when we are under pressure. It comes from so many places on so many levels. It's worldwide, national, state, local, gtoup and individual. Part of the idea is to keep people so busy that they don't have time to address the issues. It's not diversions like sports (ok unless it gets obsessive) or hobbies (same). It's grinding away with the gov putting more taxes, laws, statutes on our backs like a load of leaden kaka. We are kept so busy, we wonder if we are alone. Isolation, limitation and resignation bear down. The way out is to realize we are not alone! Now, I know a lot of us are in the company of like minded folk. A glance to the right can tell you something about that. I'm reaching out to those who think it's no use. We are stronger together than apart. So, this is my 'Captain Obvious' post. But, I bet we all know people who are lost in a sea of bureaucracy. Open up their worlds! Remember phone trees? One person calls someone maybe two. They in turn do the same and so on. Pressure can be handled. Just don't blow your lid -s-.

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