Wednesday, May 30, 2012


What is truth? Good question from Pontius Pilate. That's because people frequently find truth relative. They see what they want to see. That's also why MSM are so effective. Taking facts and creatively bending them, or leaving out, or emphasizing certain things at certain points is sadly an art. Pravda is Russian for truth. Why it was such a joke in cold war days. Mastery of manipulation extended back in US news and, for that matter, whenever people have wanted to know what was going on. Some folks want to be told, want to be cared for, controlled. Marga Meier, who taught me German and Medieval History talked often of the divided Germany. There was likely less control in West than in East. But now it is a worldwide tendency to 'edit' events. Accept that, or be like me and how my brother and many teachers taught me to dig. With the internet, it's easier to snap to something and get the unadulterated evidence so vital to 'pravda'. Things are quickly and in some cases viciously covered up. That's why you should check the people in the right column here. These guys and gal can refer you to further Freedom seeking spots. It boils down to interpreting what's going on. Believe or equivocate, it's up to you. The truth will not only give you the means to be Free, it will be a faithful guide, if you choose to believe.

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teacher said...

Mixing lies with truth is the most powerful. It plants doubt with a beach head of plausibility.