Friday, August 31, 2012


I enjoyed the tv series, The Pretender.  And barring any hollywood aggrandizing, they do exist.  Geniuses who can assume many walks of life.

My definition of genius is pretty much this:  Imagine a large rock or post in the middle of a river or rush of water.  That rock/post stands firm, the water rushing around it.  The rock/post faces forward.  Extrapolating, it can see through the flood, to a point beyond, past the confusion.   There is a singular purpose, excluding all else, leading to a solution.

Intelligence work has utilized a lot of outre methods, some stranger than others.  But people can at least grasp genius.  It doesn't take one to figure it out -s-.

What sticks most about the series is the idea of an elite which exploits said genius.  it does not value humanity and sees only commodity.  Control, deceit, exploitation rule.  It is run by a pack of hierarchical sociopaths who use one another as much or more than anyone else.  Sound familiar?

Often through fiction we can see reality more clearly.  Sometimes the more fantastic, the bigger the message in the ravioli. 

Jarod, the Pretender of the title, has escaped the Centre (name for the elite org) and assumes professions to bring justice to the wronged and to punish abusers.  Again familiar?

And one other thing.  Fiction is ok.  But whatever the message is, it must translate to reality for it to be effective.

Remember the rock and the river.

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