Monday, June 6, 2011

You Nazty Spy

Being a collector of conspiracy theories, I find this one and its sequel doubly fun, even beyond the usual high jinks of the Boys aka 3 Stooges.

This and their short, I'll Never Heil Again, were comic masterpieces (as were all their work to one degree or another) that really stuck it to the collectivist wave that was sweeping the world and resulted in WW2.

One can get a very serious point across through humor. It's like shouting or laughing at the devil, if you will -s-.

One of the angles I like is how it's shown there are factions, orgs, people etc who manipulate behind the scenes, fomenting war in order to control. Whether anyone has benefitted from this remains to be seen in that the same control freaks seek to do so today.

Have a look at the wikipedia pages for these gems.

Note the satirical dialog and in jokes.

Til next time: Beblach!


teacher said...

The power mongers have a thin skin. Oh some fun on Leno etc, but if it gets close to the bubble aka the truth, then pow!

Moe Betta said...

'You shot me in the excitement, you fool!'