Thursday, June 30, 2011

Waiting For God

In the movie Defiance, the Bielski brothers, leaders of a Jewish resistance band or otriad, infiltrate the Vilnius ghetto.

They attempt to talk the inhabitants into fleeing to the forest, to join their Resistance community.

There is a great deal of hesitation and over intellectualization, or rationalization.

Many felt it was safer to deal with the devil they knew. It's the equivalent of saving some while sacrificing others. I prefer the analogy of feeding some to the wolves so that you are the last.

I have faith. I believe in a Maker. I don't just summarily knock others. But, a point was made in the movie, substantiated in fact, that some, fearful of leaving, decided to 'wait for God'. Those who waited in Vilnius, Warsaw and elsewhere, died. Slaughtered. Killed on the spot or led to trains and taken to camps then shot or gassed.

God is often used as an excuse of one kind or another. People have killed in God's name. People have been killed in God's name.

I believe God wants us to get off our butts and do. Something? Fight resist change expose make accountable stand fast or be mobile.

Waiting is death.

Those who chose to go to the forest had a chance to live. Some died fighting. But they resisted.

God's action is in our hearts. Our minds. Our actions.

Don't use God as an excuse

Don't wait

However, timing is everything. and what appears to be waiting is maneuvering for position.

Don't wait and avoid the rush. -S-

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