Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Primary Free For All

It's that time again. Well it was with everybody jossling to get in line to show why they are the best choice to represent us. The Fall Fun Frenzy is still ahead then the choosing next year of the latest puppet in chief.

The Prisoner episode Free For All comes to mind. You cannot 'command' anyone to be free. After an attempted brainwash, Number 6 thinks he has control of the Village. He attempts to take control of operations and tries to neutralize security, raving frantically for the residents to obey him and be free. It was all a ruse to demoralize him and chip away at his psyche, to get him to conform, talk. Didn't work. They forgot about free will. He had forgotten it temporarily, but it saved Number 6.

If we could only remember that. Free will. The collectivists haven't forgotten. That's why they attempt desperately to erase it.

But it's inbuilt and even though many have let it go, it remains. No doubt a small force will remember and even if impatient or confused, it will rise again as a beacon leading to Freedom.

Then we could stop the stupid game in the Spring and Fall, truly picking reps of by and for the people from the people.

We could finally 'obey ourselves' and be Free.

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