Friday, June 10, 2011

Happily Ever After

I always found that disquieting, even as a child. I wasn't morbid. I liked and still do like happy endings. But they are rarely so inclusive. Fairy tales tend to be.

I prefer a story that leaves the ending up to the person hearing it. We should be able to determine an outcome on our own.

It's part of the learning process I made sure the kids adapted. It's simply thinking for yourself.

Maybe 'happiness' is relative. Collectivists are happy when their plans move forward. Hitler danced when Paris was taken. The smug look on the faces of the criminals inside the Beltway is evident when Freedom robbing measures pass into 'law'.

I know what happiness is for me. It's seeing my kids grow into self sufficient Freedom loving individuals who take responsibility for themselves and the destiny of these united States. It's seeing people tak an active hand whatever it may be and however seemingly slight, in taking back the Republic.

Happily ever after is more of an up and down thing. It varies in success.

That's good enough for me if, if we are serious about undoing the crimes against us and redoing what's right.

What's right?

If I have to explain, maybe it's too late?

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teacher said...

I believe it's never too late.