Thursday, June 23, 2011

How Are Things In Tora Bora

This Bin Laden character, and he was in many ways, died several years ago in Tora Bora.

At least that's what Eric L. Haney claimed years ago. The raid on Tora Bora almost ten years ago was supposed to cinch Osama's demise.

Haney, by the way, is the author of Inside Delta Force and produced 'The Unit television series about specop activities. His educated guess got as little attention as possible of course. And now that Bin Laden is officially dead, any argument to the contrary is laughed off like those 'whacky' people who believe the Twin Towers fell due to place charges instead of the widely accepted story that the planes did the job.

Whatever the truth, and it has been played with enough (I should do a post on how intel goes about formulating stories/scenarios), the results are worth studying.

The results of 911 are obvious, with an increasing loss of liberty and the continued press for us to be chattel.

As for Tim Osman (A name purported to be code for OBL when under CIA tour of US), he has been a useful bogeyman. Now his 'death' has been used as a trump card to take people's minds off Barry Soetero's Oval Office troubles.

Is any of it real? All I'm asking is for people to think about results.

Loss of Liberty. Having villains gives reason to machinations to remove liberty. Carefully crafted scenarios wind and twist til truth is lost.

Results. Just look and see where we are now.

I now return you to whatever normal is -s-.


Jedburgh said...

What's the frequency, Kenneth?

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How's the frequency?