Tuesday, June 14, 2011


1. To gradually or unconsciously assimilate some principle or object.
2. To undergo osmosis.

Osmose comes from the biological term osmosis, "the tendency of a fluid, usually water, to pass through a semipermeable membrane into a solution where the solvent concentration is higher, thus equalizing the concentrations of materials on either side of the membrane." Osmosis derives from endosmose, with endo- being French for "inward" and osmos meaning "push, thrust" in Greek.

I'm never at a loss for words. Almost all my life, since I could read early on, I've used the dictionary to expand my vocabulary. Needless to say, the kids have done likewise. To this day, I still send them 'words of the day' from a couple of online dictionaries. Education, like love, never ends.

I remember more than one of my high school teachers particularly scoffing at me if I didn't prepare well. I was told that knowledge didn't come by osmosis. Boy were they right!

Nothing but good old honest studying and listening did the trick. Now, some of it came more easily than others, but I had to make the effort. We were taught skills which survive to this day.

There is a type of 'teaching' that spoonfeeds students. It is more akin to brainwashing, programming and comes close to osmosis.

Put your mind on hold and do what you're told seems to work well for those who seek to make Americans and for that matter, anyone anywhere, obedient cabbages.

We are about waking people from the stupor allowing osmosis.

And that very act of sending words, choosing discussing, is the key.

I'm leak proof and intend to help others be so.

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