Friday, July 1, 2011

Are Your Dreams Real

Envisioning is an important human quality.

All things begin as ideas.

The difference is making the dreams come true. This takes planning.

I'm following my dreams. It has entailed sacrifice, sweat and tiring days and nights learning my crafts, as well as details, approaches, deadends, detours and a few open doors.

People who don't have dreams or asperations, tend to have given up on life. It is just a merry-go-round of resignation. They settle for less.

The Dream that became the Experiment of this Constitutional Republic and the reality of these united States started as an idea that had evolved from a basic need of humaity to be Free.

It is in constant need of renewal. Otherwise dreams fade over the edge of consciousness.

I make my dreams real.

The example has been made for us.

Follow your dreams.

Happy Independence Day.

Happy that we make Freedom happen.


teacher said...

Some dream of tyranny.

Mike H said...

To them orange is blue.