Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm Not Famous

I was told by someone who is a 'celebrity', that I was not famous.

It was in response to her weeding out posers. I had mentioned that I was real and to just ask my kids lol.

The answer simply brought a smile to my face.

This particular person has had a certain amount of notoriety and would be considered 'famous' by some.

I told her that fame was relative and fleeting. Also, I might just be 'famous' one day, but on my own terms.

I am known by some for weal or woe -s-.

I have had influence on some level somewhere.

More importantly, I have been important in certain people's lives.

I have positively contributed to the upbringing of my children and have given input and counsel working with people to help them solve their own problems.

I have been lauded and lambasted.

Some seek a certain kind of fame as an end in itself. For others, it comes with the territory.

Many are told they are great so often, they begin to think they don't stink.

I'm not very good at osculating derrieres. I am good at giving compliments when merited. Otherwise I just shut up.

Above all, no matter what position anyone occupys, I seek the content of character. I respect, but it is always tempered with that caveat.

So, whether I'm 'famous' or not matters less than what I do as a result of the content of my character, my substance.

Sure, makeup can be good or bad. I'm dwelling in the country known as Light. As someone said the other day,'I'm stayin' away from that dark place'.

How I acquire relative fame is up to me, at least until it carries me to a place I determine or a position where I can do the most good.

Stay tuned for that lol.


Mike H said...

Oh yes. When I mentioned this to my son, his rejoinder was.'Well, aren't we special. princess'. Leave it to him for a pithy reply lol.

teacher said...

It is to laugh and to think.