Saturday, July 23, 2011


History is tricky. It can be rewitten to suit any taste. That's why one should dig, research and especially don't just take someone's word for something unless it's documented.

There has been an ongoing debate about weather the defenders of the Jewish fortress at Masada actually killed themselves or they fought dying. Underneath is an attempt to sap some of the resolve, the inner strength of the Israeli nation.

History sometimes assume legendary and even mythic proportions in relation to it's goal. Forgotten are all the ins and outs, the people and what drove them etc.

The Romans didn't wear down the Jews. They built a ramp to the gates and rammed through. They found every man, woman and child dead (though there was a handful of survivors).

It is taken as fact that all were killed by their own hands. Parents killed kids, wives and sleves and so on.

Then came the story the Romans wiped them out. To me, either ending is valiant in the sense that the Jews would rather die than be enslaved.

The underlying motive aforementioned reminds me of the tearing down of the Founders and pointing out flaws and suggesting it was a plot to install elitists. Everything has been done to undermine our beginning and it would appear the same is happening to Israel.

In suggesting the myth is busted and the 'real' reasons are exposed, those who hate Freedom are shortsighted. They think they have rewritten history in the matrix of socialism. They are wrong.

Many flaws exist to Mankind. And our myths are mistaken as attempts to do our own revision.

It is natural to romanticize. The only thing to remember is that something really happened. And all the more, what was accomplished.

Masada as the Alamo for example, gave purpose and positive encouragement to our respective peoples.

It is the spirit of Freedom that survives any interp of history.

They cannot destroy ideas. They try. But Freedom rises from the mists of time and lives.

How we are looked at someday should be interesting.

Let it be as those who wish to and have restored Freedom.


teacher said...

The truth will out.

Jay21 said...

Very well said as usual. I have used the Masada tale with others to show my point that it is not the end that justifies the means...but the means that justify an end.

Mike H said...

Thanks Jay. Stay resolute!

Mike H said...

Watch both the old Outer Limits and the newer version eps called Feasibility Study. In order to prevent Earth from being enslaved by a race which in the newer are lounging on couches, unable to serve themselves, a selected group of humans chooses to be infected with a deadly virus. Hard choices are ahead for everyone in this world.