Monday, July 25, 2011

Monsters Are Due

I've been rewatching the original Twilight Zone. As a kid, it stimulated my imagination and thinking and still does.

The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street is a classic. Then again there are few eps I don't at least like.

It's a prime example of how fear and division makes and keeps people controlled.

On a typical Saturday in the suburban community, the folks on Maple Street are going about their weekend chores. All of a sudden, There is a strange sound and shadow in the sky. Shortly after, all mechanical things cease to function. One of the folks volunteers to go elsewhere and see what happened. Meanwhile, the rest are trying to puzzle out what caused the power failure.

The situation quickly deteriorates as neighbor accuses neighbor of being complicit with what is swiftly seen as 'alien' interference. Doubts, fears and paranoia run amok.

Any difference, any peculiarity is seizerd upon as proof that someone was 'in' on the conspiracy.

They shoot and kill the guy who had ventured out, thinking he must be an invader.

Yhis attitude grows as we pan out to a hill overlooking Maple Street. Two aliens are discussing what they had started by cutting the power. It's determined the Earthmen would be easily conquered with a consistent pattern of sewing fear and distrust among the people.

Sound familiar?

Stand fast and don't be fooled.

It's why we are not yet slaves.


It will be the few who stop the wave of the real monsters.

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teacher said...

If you can keep your head while others do not, you'll be a man my son. Bit of a Kipling paraphrase.