Saturday, July 23, 2011

Charley Red Dog

I love the old Western series. My faves are Have Gun Will Travel and Wanted: Dead Or Alive.

I've been rewatching HGWT. And I wasn't surprised by what I saw. Just pissed.

Charley Red Dog was a young Indian. He aspired to be a US Marshal and took a correspondnece course. Hmm. Kinda like a crackerjack badge, I guess.

I take it the Indian angle was to raise sympathy with Paladin helping him defend his cause as the champion of the underdog, or something.

Red Dog is interested in 'bringing the law' to a lazy community which apparently isn't concerned with protecting itself. Of course, they aren't gung ho about an Indian lawman either.

All this and the rest of the message aside, the thing that made my blood boil was Charley's insistance everyone turn their guns in, while in town. Uhuh. That correspondence course must have left out the Bill of Rights. Even Paladin gave over his gun, though he secreted his derringer.

When the bad guys tried to take over inevitably, Charley fought for respect. I wouldn't help him. Then again I wouldn't give him my guns. I'd lecture him that if he were a real Marshal, he'd have taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. That would include understanding the right to keep and bear arms. No one has any business taking guns and relying on one guy to defend them. Insanity.

Reminds me of that scoundrel Wyatt Earp and his thug brothers. He wanted no guns in town. That might have interfered with his scam of protection and his crooked gambling racket. In my opinion, the OK Corral was just a gang fight that Earp etal happened to win. Talk about hiding behind a badge!

Anyway, Paladin helped Charley and used his derringer to boot. Of course, Red Dog took that afterwards too. Nonsense.

Oh yes, when Paladin left town he got his guns back. Wow.

Even in the 50's, the ugly monster of the state reared its ugly head. This theme was seen on several shows, including the Rifleman. When it was proven disarming failed, even Lucas said someday civilization would come, implying no need for guns in the people's hands. Uhuh. Uh-uh.

I liked an ep of the series version of The Magnificent Seven. The town got a Brit Sheriff who made people disarm, except for the bad guys who shot him for his trouble.

Dying, he confessed to the Seven he had been wrong and they then took out the threat.

If I'd been in any of these sits, I'd tell em no, I'm keeping my god given tools of self defense. Any attempt to take them would be considered theft and dealt with accordingly.

Naturally, this is fiction and hypothetical.

But we know there are those eager to disarm us. They will get the same treatment.

The gun grabbing bozos supposedly have training and take oaths to protect and defend the Constitution. The way they act it might as well be a course like Charley's.

They are receiving more and more come uppance. We will see where it goes.

So even in the good old days the gun grabbers were laying little traps for especially kids' minds. Not mine. And not yours.

How worse til it gets better?


teacher said...

Be prepared!

Mike H said...

Never was a Boy Scout, but I agree.

Randy said...

Kinda reminds me of an old column from on the Andy Griffith show.

Found it....

Mike H said...

It's a great article Randy. I'll spread it around. Andy always gave me the creeps.
Imagine trying to write etc in Hollyweird now. It's an interesting experience. And there are a lot of conservative/libertarian/Freedom minded folks in the Industry. Even a few threepers -s-.