Thursday, July 21, 2011


Guts, initiative, drive. I hadn't heard this word for a long time. I love the sound of it.

Words don't get used like they used to be.

Yeah, the old report cards had items that were checked as well as the letter grades and a few plus/minus things.

Often, grades or not, it was reported that I lacked initiative.

Here's a big reveal to whomever peruses this. On the surface it would seem I simply had no get up and go, that I was a follower and had no inclination to lead.

Well, there is lead follow or get out of the way. Sometimes all three can apply. For even in a good leader, it is wise to listen.

The short skinny on this branding in grade school for me was simple.

Like boredom from a lack of challenging material, which on the surface could read as inability, I lacked initiative because the material limited me. I sought more and often outside school.

Life is school.

I never stop learning.

Thus, my point this time.

No matter what seems to be, seek something beyond the ordinary, outside the classroom box.

Make your own initiative. Make your own luck. Make it happen.

Get your own gumption.

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