Monday, July 11, 2011

Justice For Caylee

The outcome of the murder trial of Casey Anthony is not guilty. It is another testimonial to the decline of the Republic.

There was evidence connecting her to her daughter's disappearance and death. Caylee vanished and this wasn't reported for 31 days. Excuses were made and her mother had a history of lying and manipulation.

The whole set of circumstances are available for study on the net. Wikipedia is only one source. Just type in Caylee or Casey Anthony. A tumbling array of sites pours forth. All of it because a young sociopathic woman murdered her child and covered it up. The the legal system, as it has devolved, cut this creature loose.

Perhaps nothing is that simple. Perhaps that is the kernal, the crux of the whole affair however. That and the fact people do not think for themselves.

'Legally' what I said about Casey Anthony is opinion at best. It's not admissible in court and I am expressing opinion.

Legality. Hearsay. Opinion. They are all game pieces used by people put in place to orchestrate even more confusion than there is.

This took place in Florida, which reminds me of the Terri Schiavo case.

That is a set of horrible events concerning the euthanizing of a woman who quite probably had been abused by a philandering husband.

Rather than dip into that oily mess, suffice it to say justice was not served there either.

The point of this exercise is simply to tell you that there is truth and then there is legal truth.

In the court game, people are dissuaded if not outright told not to think for themselves.

It's the gamer with the best score.

It's democracy in that this limpid system has usurped justice.

I believe beyond any doubt that we must address this as well as any other deterioration of the Republic.

Better pay attention to fully informed juries.

Or sociopaths will rule. Some already have -s-.

Caylee and Terri deserve real justice So do we all.


Counter said...

Look at all the people railroaded into jail/prison by IRS ATF etc.

Mike H said...

Remember them and learn.

Mike H said...

Here's a good caveat:

We cede to the state in fear hoping to feel better and get worse.