Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response. It's the uber SWAT, or 'We are from the government, we are here to help'. You know, they had to destroy the Branch Davidians in order to save them, etc.

John Whitehead has a great blog paper specifically about VIPR here:

One of the major points made there, here and so many places, is that people are being incrementally conditioned to accept the loss of rights.

Here in Indiana,our gods in black robes (who can carry in the Statehouse while we second class folk cannot anymore) the Indiana Supreme Court Justices, have declared cops can enter anyone's home anytime, even if it's blatantly illegal and the owner/renter cannot resist. Good luck with that if they meet the 'wrong' or right -s- citizen who will defend themselves and their property.

Will cops start just breaking down doors arbitrarily? Probably not. But the groundwork has now been laid for the 'only ones' to bully and kill us without fear.

Good luck here. All I need to say because I will defend myself, family and property against thieves with or without badges.

VIPR is supposedly invincible. Not so. These mokes, if they force us can be defeated. Learn.

We must resist. On all levels and if push comes to shove literally.

These Freedom thieves must be held accountable.

If we let them get away with this, unintended consequences will occur.

Perhaps some will be intended, if the gov seeks to make Freedom loving folks look bad. They may try to goad us.

Resist this.

But if they act, we must react on all levels.

And don't forget the Second Amendment.

These mokes fear us and hope to disarm us so they can act with impunity.

Impugn them.


teacher said...

They're coming for me now. And then they'll come for you. Elisha Cook at the end of House On Haunted Hill.

Mike H said...

Haunted Capitol Hill.