Friday, September 17, 2010


I remember essay questions/tests.

'Be specific' was the common instruction for them. Staying on topic and giving sound support are entailed. Dealing with the facts at hand is another factor.

This was developed early in me. We started covering it in grade school, before the dumbing down began.

All those intel tests, timed and designed to test more than just knowledge. The very principles I mentioned above were analyzed. It was the ability to think on one's feet as it were that was at least as important as the other smarts.

Now, there is a tendency for collective thinking. I wonder why lol.
Preciseness is a hallmark of our kids' education first in homeschool then outside. it is one reason why local educators are agog at how well our kids have done.

Sure there are others who have succeeded and many due to at least outside influence. Then again, some schools are better than others.

The ability to be specific serves those well who would Restore this Republic. Our opponents do just the opposite. They carp and 'Alinsky'to take focus off the truth.

The other day I turned the tables on one such.

Check out the mini dialog below:


This guy reminds me of Bill O'Reilly, little substance and mostly blow, preying on emotions. Right left R or D just points growing very much the same.


No Michael. The only thing in common between this guy and Bill Oreilly is that they both appear as old white dudes. People also say I remind them of Jennifer Lopez. Come now. They're not all alike. There are differences. Stop hating. ;-). ...Also, thank you Marilene. It's true time to actualize unconditional love. Also, it's Yom Kippur: A time to apologize and forgive people we've hurt. Maybe Bill Oreily can start a new life, change for the better, begin approaching the world with a different set of eyes. Maybe we can forgive him for his transgressions. :-p


Perhaps you have misinterpreted Erika. These pundits leave no room for thought nor analysis. Call em left right Demo Repub, they all are becoming just tools of oppression. There is no room for selfdetermination with these guys. Color has nothing to do with it. It's the content of character that is reflected in what they say. No hate here, simply criticism of a system that needs restoration. My prayer is indeed that everyone stops playing the race card and accepts people as people. If you want to talk further, please contact me.

This was all about Ed Schulz, MSNBC pundit.

It's classic re how we approach dialog and how she responded ie nada.

So now is the time to be as specific as can be.

Plain speech.

No backing down.


ElmerStudd said...

Oh those wacky wacky weftists, huhuhuhuhuhuh.

teacher said...

Turning the tables on a little alinskyite.