Saturday, September 11, 2010


OK. I mentioned in 911, my previous post, that there would be room for another topic.

Here it is.

Government pocket agencies exist. Believe me or not.

And conspiracies concerning 911 alone are a topic that deserves attention.

It is not the gov that brought down the towers, if you go along with the idea that it wasn't radical Muslims. It would be a compartment with in an agency that did the deed. Sometimes special units are assemble for particular assignments. But usually there is a group that takes on certain operations.

They can have considerable influence and budgets, those budgets skimmed and sidetracked. There is a lot of money out there and people willing to finance ops. Maybe they'd like to back one of my movies lol.

Alias, though fiction, touched on this with a rogue agency supposedly a branch of the CIA, but actually ops for a worldwide consortium. Then, a group really within the Company (popular slang for CIA)was formed to combat swimilar interests that were detrimental to US interests.

Again, fiction can present fact disguised. No, I'm not in the pay of Alex Jones, nor those who pay him.

Believe it or not.

And of course, there are those employed who muddy the water, including agents who go round cleaning up messes or confusing issues or pundits who do a similar task for their masters.

That might be a topic unto itself later on.


teacher said...

Swimilar? Aquatic symmetry?

Mike H said...

Goes swimmingly.