Saturday, September 11, 2010


Why think up a witty title? Succinct is better.

There are so many directions where we can go.


Whatever you think, whether you think it's Muslim radicals or some gov pocket agency (BTW, that would be a more accurate term. I hate it when people, including me, just say it's the gov. That's a topic for later.), or both, the day itself and the aftermath are where we should focus today.

Pain, horror and horrible death stain the day. So many spirits gone so quickly. They say the US was brought to it's knees that day.

I don't believe it. Also, instead of paralysis, it activated a lot of us. Emotionally, it pi$$ed me off. Didn't frighten, stop, weaken or anything else but strengthen resolve to fight.

Either the gov types and or the Islamofacists or both have a lot to answer for.

Americans always work through the pain. We will succeed.

Instead of a tool to control us, this date can rally us to stand up and shout no.

No to the tyranny disguised as safety/security and yes to Freedom.

Americans can protect themselves.

We don't need to rely on the government.

And we must restore the Republic so that our servants see to our wishes.

That is the real message of 911.

As we mourn, let us give birth to a new era of Freedom.

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