Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rat Pack

When I was a teen, the Beatles were a big deal. There were other trendy things that entranced kids of the time.

As for me, I was a fan of the Rat Pack. James Bond of course and spy shows sure, but for music of the period it was what is now called oldies and pop stuff from Dino, Frank, Sammy etc.

Of course, being older, I hope I have my own style. But at the time not unlike other teens, I imitated what I thought was cool. So I wore suits carefully cut, white shirts with button down collars and I even had a pair of suede shoes from Ballys, like the boys in the Pack wore.

Some of my friends were similarly dispose. We had a kind of teenage Indy Rat Pack, with visits to local lounges (Yes I snuck in and passed for 21. Um, is that a retro crime? Better not give Lautenberg any ideas -s-), and record collections reflecting that ring a ding ding taste.

Like just about everything else about me, I thought for myself when it came to my music. Now, just about anything goes, including Disturbed and Dixieland to rock, pop, and classical, Celtic, American Indian and you name it. I'm willing to listen to new stuff and quickly add to my base. Eclectic adds it up.

This probably sounds like part of a bio page either for a showbiz resume or some kind of Facebook/dating service.

Just my way of getting round the red barn to the point.

A different drummer was at work in my youth and is even moreso now.

I have a different Rat Pack to hang with now.

But I apply things learned early on and have matured to include the accumulation of knowledge at my disposal.

It includes communication skills and an ability to spot bs and duplicity that runs rampant in DC and locally.

Time to ring a ding those pundits and servants of tyranny who are not much above a four legged rat pack.

What's cool to me now is Restoring the Republic.

Hey, man, I hope with style along with those crazy cats that are rattling the rats' cages -s-.

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