Saturday, September 11, 2010


I've heard and seen a lot lately about following orders.

In fact, I believe that just following orders has been around since the first order was given.

Without order there is chaos. Let's not get into the whole order out of chaos thing here. It is a way of thinking and sometimes situations are created precisely to bring this about. It is also the way of the universe and it was hijacked by the bad guys. It's that old rewriting the matrix of the universe.

And to make a short story long, most orders soundly given and soundly executed stand up to inspection. Of course, they could be orders given to commit atrocities or given to rescue.

Naturally we all think of Nuremburg and the Nazi refrain 'I was just following orders'. It depends on the orders and who gives them huh?

Illegal orders need not be obeyed. However there are consequences and they had better be good the reasons.

Maybe I seem vague but there is a fill in the blank aspect to this. And in war, well it is hell.

May orders in what may come, be sound and true. May we be clear what is significant and worthy of fighting for.

It's not ever going to be perfect, but we can strive to make it so.


Son of Holden said...

May I take your order?

teacher said...

Zu Befehl.